"The works on display use their palettes to suggest—indirectly, as if by allusion—perspective, distance, even motion. The results are mixed, but often promising....Hovey Brock’s misty landscapes of purple and red have a gradient of lighter and darker patches which provide the illusion of depth."

– John Michael Colon, The Brooklyn Rail, on Between the Color, Site: Brooklyn, 2018


"In Hovey Brock’s delicate watercolor (2001), an aggregate is comprised of faintly tinted dots; each varies in degrees of translucency against their bright white background."

– Marilyn Symmes, Guest Curator, Degrees of Density: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, the Illges Gallery, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA, 2010


"Hovey Brock's dreamy yet intense painting "The Pitch" seemed to want to be next to White's hallucinogenic works on paper, each holding their own while being strangely complementary."

— Katarina Wong, The "O!" Show, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, NY, 2009


“Toy[s] with the viewer’s perceptual expectation of a figure/ground distinction…. Brock’s gorgeous traces of light and color in watercolor washes play with line….[and] seem to define a form while the line itself teeters on the ephemeral.”

— Carter Foster, Guest Curator and Curator of Drawings, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Figure?Ground, Kentler International Drawing Space, 2006


"These paintings have a magical, peekaboo quality..."

—Carl Blumenthal, Brooklyn Journal, on 4SIGHT: From Realism to Abstraction, Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, 2002


“This extraordinarily satisfying show of recent abstract painting…presents a dozen artists who variously and inventively cultivate four possibilities: crisp or blurry edges, and rigid or loopy shapes….Hovey Brock conjures ghostly swirls of pale line.”

— Ken Johnson, The New York Times, on The Hard and the Soft, Thomas Korzelius, 2001


“Mr. Brock makes large, loopy watercolors of captivating subtlety. Using a wide brush and diluted paint on off-white panels or paper, he traces circulating, linear arabesques over and over, creating shimmering entanglements that seem to hover in space like knots of cosmic or submolecular energy."

— Ken Johnson, The New York Times, on Hovey Brock: New Paintings, Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art, 2000


"Brock does with time what David Hockney often does with space--the presentation of numerous views simultaneously....[his] abstract forms allow him to explore pure motion, as subject matter, undiluted with narrative references….You can almost believe that if you look away for a few minutes and then look back, the action will have migrated to a different place on the ground.”

— Joseph Walentiny, Abstract Art Online, on Hovey Brock: New Paintings, Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art, 2000